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    "Travelling Buddy" remix by Chemo aka Telemachus (High Focus)
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    "Seasons of You" remix by Soul Brother Juice
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VERSE 1 Now its time shake things up Moving your body earthquakes erupt Coming unstuck were all in need something My props im definitely gunning for Velour smooth stunning form applause Do the right thing like spike lee I ching style A man on the street time spinning like mechanical heat INTERLUDE One day you’ll wake up and there wont be any time to do the things You’ve always wanted Do them now Paulo Coelho the Zahir VERSE 2 Down the rabbit hole it goes I’m told The zone I know explodes the soul To show unfold the brightest gold Write my initials in the flow Carnivorous I’m told magnificent and cold It was written in a poem they don’t know The feeling it’s so old remembered that I came along time ago The mind will throw you back to a time When they cried for souls or died alone With no one to show though And we don’t give a fuck on a solo Hoping on a truck like its yolo Too late to double back like polo This whole load I got on my chest As one of best to flex like Elliot Ness My brilliantness to bring down all of the best It’s chess the steps to show the whole game what’s next I’m the Untouchable the unfuckwithable They fail to express and sound pitiful Not baring your heart should get rid of you This art is the pinnacle I start they finish I hit critical The elephant sticking with you barely visible Stomping round the place earthquakes The ground split in two INTERLUDE 2 The art of the city is the heart of the city x 2 VERSE 3 The old worlds looking back while the new ones going off track In the present moment I will never hold that Won’t slack for my peeps flip another soul track for the streets Used to tap dance with my feet in the kitchen for my marjays she could see There was something buried so deep Got a little scarier in my teens Feeling hysteria in my genes The beast that lurked all around like a blood hound with the sharp teeth wanting fresh meat Thug moving like a young priest it was deep never ever comfy Self hatred like a vaccine as they pack heat when they blaspheme Trying to stack p’s many smashed dreams That’s why brothers catch sleep trying hard to never act weak Casualties, so it challenged me held hope like a fantasy, till it turned reality
VERSE 1 Its not a sprint its a marathon me and Nipsey Hussle would have got along I cried tears of pain I’m like oh God We all took a hit we just lost a real one Self hatred ancient sick patients Like the love and hate from Caucasians Wanna sex us up and get racist Better set us up with compensation Repatriation conversation Afraid we’ll break the bank but I ain’t waiting Empires build the sky is blazing Hope I ain’t killed by hired masons They got the iron will the pride of Satan But it ain’t just colour related In all shades you face hatred You better guard up until you rise in greatness Keep your eyes on faces, these snakes get shaken Realised in this matrix faking like praises To my ancestors who fought and died to be a patron Saluted your Queen it’s outrageous Theresa May told my people go back to JA When UK raised us and raped us for our culture blatant CHORUS 1 It’s judgement time (Jah know this Jah know this) And all of the world will feel it None shall escape what’s coming VERSE 2 We need peace and love We’re eaten up inside where we bleed in cuffs And deeds are done, They wanna take the land that freedom run Demand that they see the wrong and heed the tongue Coz it’s heating up the deepest cuts are made by the rich it’s fucked were sleeping rough It’s like judgement day is speeding up The meek on the right held high healing come Until my breathings done I want progress Less hate for self and more justice Don’t shank the guy you could buss with You could work for him or he could work for you You build together if trusted takes time and patience Discuss this who else could understand how you suffered I’ve had enough of this Our grand folk joined the war for great Britain Built the NHS with strong black women Brought you carnival lovers rock Dances too they ate food and we shared our traditions Imagine your grand parents on a plane kicked out From a place they were given years of ungratefulness and back breaking labour Should all be forgiven
Sins of Gaia 03:40
VERSE 1 It’s a mad world I can see (yeah) They Problem with my genes Its dangerous in these streets When the danger is the police When they aim you die in your teens If your black they leave you in peace With a head stone that’s why I’m head stoned It’s like death row they’re like freeze I can see the way they look at me (repeat) They’re judging me first they’re throwing the book at me (repeat) Hey that’s white supremacy hidden behind eyes it’s jealousy Why it gets to me I should be used to that by now they bribed the referee They spat in my face they’re burning effigies They say hallelujah Jesus coming to kill the enemy Pouring the Hennesey threatening like when they killed Kennedy Leaving us scared indefinitely I don’t want no one ahead me I am the top of my pedigree to fight you I ain’t got the energy We need love peace and harmony that is a beautiful recipe Keep your armyies and your big guns your killing our memories We got work to do and I got sons and they have a destiny I’m building my empires from the ground up I’m leaving a legacy For my ancestors that once lived I honour you specially God wants us to become love so he’s testing me heavily Till I'm resting heavenly and life is the death of me It’s all just energy CHORUS Too many mother lovers here just wanna make their chain glow in a Winnebago don’t wanna get paid slow fuck the whole world because its free and they say so They just wanna live their life Fuck about no halo VERSE 2 Who made the plants illegal Who made your hearts so evil They wanna imprison the people For living on earth when it’s equal Who gave them the crown we don’t need you The food shelter waters free nobody should get between you From the heavens to the womb then they stick you with needles Drug dealers on tap, you selling they better not see you If it’s good for me why you forcing it it’s clear it’s see through You said there’s too many people on earth then we do it medieval And you go first we’re in a system that’s restrictive and it don’t work Meditation and power plants is the old earth That’s how we live with intention then we go in the dirt The whole world needs to learn your purpose is to serve Whether you sweep the road burning bodies then put them in urns It makes no difference if you wore rags it’s not a concern We’re leaving in the same way, don’t waste your time here now stunting How are serving the world the best way you can if the rest has nothing I think that they got it confused nobody’s watching the news Every Instagrammer reporting and they do it for views She want Fendi she want Gucci with the beautiful shoes With her hands up like don’t shoot me I got too much to lose
BRIDGE Whatever you do alone it gives height, whatever you do together it gives depths the truths in mankind that man can’t accept that we’re all here as one and we share one breath represent VERSE 1 Twist the mind like a rubix dark as Anubis we're divine rulers deeper than stab wounds from drug users thug shooters like the ones who love and care are losers sweating like tamascal threads that’s flushed fissure self hatred that was strong enough to crush Luther like astronomers plotting stars beyond the illest future packaging pain for the consumer while city living shamans at work inner wealth like Mansa Musa plans to move to Cuba Gods hands could take me sooner I stand like obelisks in the face of all confusion I talk with ghetto slang watch the way that I walk Graffiti sprayed on the walls are hieroglyphs in my thoughts burn the bush sacrilegiously as history taught pissy floors spiral stair case up to my dorm I’m politicking with street physicians I can endorse the kind of system that rather leave you stiff like a corps behind prison don’t wanna see my face in the source I got conviction but not the thing they give you in court CHORUS It’s that dark rainbow light that comes from the soul Thug angels rise with wings made of gold as I hail my flight for God to take hold I pray you bless me twice we all gotta go VERSE 2 Divine calligraphy they wanna dress me in robes of infamy souls that enter me are purified not an end to me cold for centuries stones and cemeteries for late greats like Gadhafi with Gold to put an end to territories one Africa continent with just liberty I twist the herb in his memories cuz how he left is deep, a motif to blow the mind out in your sheets going deeper than Shamballa inner sun is my heat rather I’ve seen many things you’ll only see in your dreams everything full circle spin it back and repeat Breathe in Breathe out As I balance my chi Malachi raised me on the sacred square now I’m at peace, a messenger from heavens as I’m stepping I breathe wielding fire in my right hand and ice in my reach, it wasn’t me it was God decided I speak dark rainbow light shining from my heart to the streets
VERSE 1 Meeting you is like spring time, you bring to mind Daffodils bright yellows and all the signs that life is gonna get better I met you on the fly You look beautiful like poetry queens recite Spring in my step seeing you I can’t deny, Your eyes promising hope my hearts open wide I know you gotta take a chance that’s so divine March to May come stay you give me life VERSE 2 The second stage pleasure pain its summer time Giving the best of your soul letting it all shine, Smiles like sun rays going the whole nine, Cocktails first dates sipping on fine wine Laughter never far behind girl it’s by design Chilling out relaxed energies intertwined Talking late on the phone until the morning light At home your my warming the soul the feelings so right VERSE 3 Settling down slow like golden autumn leaves Coming down from clouds grounding reality, We're pass the hype, we’re here now and I can see Red rogue mahogany you bless the street Keeping you warm in my arms with you close to me It’s calm mature we both know the score knowing loves the key moulding life like pottery Knowing that winters gonna come it ain’t stopping me VERSE 4 Flaws and all bad habits and honesty Or lies depending on how hard its gotta be The test the less impressive when it’s getting deep The cold embrace the wind in between the sheets The snow falling your all in or will you leave, This is the worst of us, all the stuff that was hidden then before is now knocking On our door babe can we make it back to love I’m holding on trust. CHORUS Seasons of you In all of your love I feel brand new It’s just like a deja vu That’s why I know your soul is true
VERSE 1 Look deep in yourself look in your tool box coz everyone has a gift you are the one to watch just pull up your socks like pippin you heading for the top I get it your scared to fail so now your feeling lost, depressed heavy on chest like bench weights bet that some day that you’ll regret you never had faith if in your mind a winner your there half way beginners there in the competition even last place is better than ever trying deny that your great lying in the earliest grave until you pass way and even if you fall down we all make mistakes it’s just lessons and blessings don’t hesitate getting impressive as you stand like a damn legend they don’t believe tell them once and you keep stepping wait you do it for yourself don't ever forget it it’s your life and your dreams that you keep precious you gotta share it with the world now spread the message VERSE 2 Doubt, filling my brain I’m sitting in space, lost, looking for hope time ticking away, forgetting, all my blessings hard to celebrate, and while things stay the same it’s hard to animate, Against myself a tirade the mind state Still I must move I gotta anticipate Trying to better my faith in life to go the right way The one day all my efforts it will make a change like breaking a note in a corner store feeling depression setting in I’m feeling either or entrepreneurs said life’s a smorgasbord right Its fight or flight we ride you grab the bull by the horns when the snakes start coming you better mow the lawn Coz I’ve been carrying people until my shoulders torn kryptonite in my cup toasting its my applause Cut by the shard in neck I need to transform... CHORUS Cloudy nights cloud my mind I Need my eyes to see the light I Feel it’s time to make it right I I don’t ever wanna doubt myself no no no I tell myself that I’m gonna make it Any opportunity I’m a take it Don’t ever doubt yourself no Just look inside and let it all out yeah A yo you’ll grow and in time you’ll know Your soul will reveal your flow Take it on take it slow yeah
CHORUS Travelling buddy travelling buddy travelling buddy travelling Travelling buddy travelling buddy travelling buddy travelling VERSE 1 There’s not anymore time I can just sit here and hurt myself Don’t give a damn about life I should just hide away won’t ask for help I’m miles away I’m fake smiling everyday But I’m in hell, there’s no point in being here Its all weird I know they can tell Coz they're all against me Any one of them fools wanna try I don’t mind They can get it YAHHH I will protect me They just wanna Get close pull a gun up on my soul It’s how they role YAHHH Please don’t offend me Telling me your on my side Getting deep you should slide Not gonna let you in They’re trying to end me Feeling hopeless all the time Irritated with this life Dying’s so tempting VERSE 2 I was feeling like fried shit Unattractive and lifeless Scratching like psoriasis But In public I’m denying it Your love can’t rely on it Trying to twist my arm I ain’t buying it Need to speak with the one in charge Coz I couldn’t have desired this Had to pause for a moment I realised that I was sick My self value was too low Like aeroplanes with no piloting Arguing with my higher self trying to tell me that I’m the king When I feel like I’m worth less than a penny sweet Let me try again Evil thoughts circulate my brain I try to hide from them Yeah I’m feeling like I’m possessed But if I don’t act then I am blessed Smoking weed will I die in stress Paranoid till my last breath Sipping on that ayahuasca gave me divine strength
VERSE 1 Remind me of this first time I had a wifey, in the hood rocking white Nike creps oh she like P, eyes everywhere in south they know about me, hood fame girls wanted guys with a name light my flame hold me close when I’m in pain, had a lot fights back then nah I won’t explain, I had big dreams limited by street physique looking pristine fresh everyday of the week with a Queen by my side I’m deep and who could lose when the world flips you upside down a loop tee loop look at you trying to be a big man to fill a shoe post code wars ain’t no talk I repped the blue borough slew others come in our space the whole crew smothered do something guess not hey look at you fronting you try to flex too much I put the boot on em a new recruit a youth who never knew nothing CHORUS There’s more More to life than this because its magic Don’t you know this world is yours and you can have it now Every moment is a gift so don’t let it get you down VERSE 2 I’m into psychedelics Gaia earth healing medicine a calm setting sage stick lit that’s my resonance peace with my brethren love if you let in, with good food entertainment ain’t a better thing, it’s raining outside but heaven if you go within the downside is up I’m bless just let me do my thing elevation of highest I was born flyest forgot I touched you with the Midas like Alzeimers priceless in a crisis I remain timeless I got to bring it back for everyone there’s many guns plenty sons with knives to plug you like nuns bread on your tongue the priest is never quite done believe they got wires crossed nobody trying to be the man who died on the cross you try lie to God but can’t lie to yourself you wanna be the boss do the work on your soul before your at a loss, Mercy and patience is given a lot forgiveness and charity is the way to floss, humility and diligence how you do the job Your purpose is to serve everyone
Veganite 03:52
CHORUS I’m a veganite get you healthy and eating right With a good recommendation of what you need inside Plenty of healthy greens now with the exercise No need to fill ourselves with pain and cause genocide Cuisine that taste like a dream no meat in sight VERSE 1 Vegetables you need wild arugula cucumbers Your moving up callaloo steamed Chopping up squash avocados for good smoothies Kale and zucchini dandelion greens all in my pot Growing kefir grains kept me sane rocking my spot On top with stars ripe tomato cherry or plum Okra Irish moss I love me a lot Fruits I need fresh water melons seeded I got Soft jelly coconuts a dream open it up Seeded key limes mangoes all on my plot Peeling cantaloupe ripe cherries food of the Gods Health is wealth clocking my shelf I’m calling the shots Lost are those who don’t know the medicine you can spot Cherries currants and dates sweet tooth delighting my tongue Herbal tea get me elderberry or burdock Or cerrassie sip the bitter leaf till my pains gone VERSE 2 To all my kings and queens stay in the zone Colloidal silver and gold decorating your soul That inner glow nurturing life like a winter rose Sipping ,sarsaparilla now I’m under control Pass the shilajit pulled from the mountains and sold A panacea heavenly it’s for the body it shows Polishing my physique with creamy Shea butter it glows Black seed oil curing all the ills exposed Fresh papayas with the strawberries dice em and flow Checking out Dr Sebi recipes I’m involved I’m stepping clean fresh lemons I squeezed for my resolve I’m told there’s something cooking in the oven I’m blown Broad bean chickpea patties served on a stone in a bun Buffalo cauliflower wings im done Triple fried sweet potato chips make it with love Vegan mac and cheese tasting like a dream what’s up
Cosmic Soul 04:11
VERSE 1 Identified flying objects Recognised by inner being I got the concept The space ship hovered over my bed I’m feeling content Multi coloured speaking tongues took over my flesh Run never my family present I came to sense Heaven rescued my soul like jobe it’s time to repent Light strobe explode in patterns my wifey was kept In awe lied on her head, later that morning I heard the calling down from my steps Walking no pound in my chest Calm and collect sitting on the sofa naked I guess Dressed in my intention that they scanned asking what’s next It’s done now relieved like when they put the gun down by the Feds I digress I’m back upstairs I’m horizontal eyes closed they’re still on to Me I heard a door closed I’m asleep Or am I walking up a spiral staircase With my antenna To my right pictures of faces I familiarize I’m falling something holding my body no fear in my eyes There in surprise I see a woman's face staring in sight Black markings across the body huddled I slide To the window and there is a craft lit up the sky They beamed me aboard out of world how can I deny A glass cylinder containing energy it felt right I chanted Yahweh as instructed the room was bright Next thing you know I’m back home wondering why CHORUS My soul, is cosmic Nobody can hold me down My soul is cosmic beyond the brightest star I’m a comet no matter who you think you are I’m coming I’m cosmic VERSE 2 I had doubts about meeting the father And heavenly mother if it even exists I’d rather Know now than trying to continue on with this saga And if heavens only a state of mind we end the drama Me and my friends cousin and cousins friend were charmers Both of the snake kind the kundillini raising faster There’s mushrooms for growth were sipping on the brew of shamans Heavy and darker burning sage DNA sparking My Mrs upstairs sleeping while our souls departed The four walls of sitting room was Gods garden Sister was cool brother bugging when it first started Mind blown like atomic particles I calmed him Shouting that people need awakening like dogs barking Swore on the name Marilyn was blasphemous retarded Like trailing muddy shoes on the sanctified carpet I said I love you your intention is what I will target I laid down and got taken from my human casket A tall black women an ancestor white head wrap With white garments 6 feet tall with heaven chanting Screaming for me like I’m celebrity status I’m asking If I can see him now she lifting up some kind of veil A stocky vibration of someone I’m knowing well Coming towards me fierce angry he begins to swell Mother speaking in tongues on my behalf she made him chill He said.... Speaks in tongues I know I should understand but.. argh I’m sorry you feel that way... when you were here you could speak the language but you are on earth now for a reason... I understand... You are speaking and thinking in English ... and we speak with intention that is our language I still don’t understand... God speaks in tongues.... You are to express divine love and be willing to have it tested in anyway I see fit but it doesn’t mean indent love you
VERSE 1 A yo the gas price is rising Sign of the time tides hit It’s winding and drowning eyes Wide we found sin mountains Crumbling count the days lounging Burn the ozone layer the aura As we crown kings and sheiks Living in the profit we make We properly take more than we need It’s a game, that’s designed for a slave We decline to be sane Out of tune with the rhythm of the nature we claim We hate to caged and mentally were aching in pain We all need to ask Gaia pray she take it away Save the plants and the animals The caretakers to show us the way Heal the sea life creatures it’s all decayed Extinction is the chink in the chain it’s still a shame Given paradise us humans get in way With our ego the earth that we try to replace Nothing ain’t sacred no more we're killing this place With deception rejection distorting my faith In human kind that’s now a parasite Organised crime with those who confide What is money when we stop honouring life Are you here to gather up all that shines Your earth suit and your money going to die Here it resides forever less fortified We’re only here for a few moments at a time Still ghosts reside twist and cry once denied Live poltergeist banshees who failed in their prime Who once forgotten why we came here Coz our liberties die as we invest in destruction Corruption is rife There’s a fine line between the infinite and finite The technology we bring is pure dynamite Destroying ourselves like 5g As birds fall from the sky We crucify the truth like the battered Christ CHORUS The humans are coming And they ain’t got nothing to say The beast on the planet with the eyes a blaze Watch as the world decays They ain’t trying to feel your pain The humans are coming It’s all going up in flames They burn and refuse to change They just wanna build cage So we live like slaves And wear those chains VERSE 2 Sister Gaia I’m sending you good vibrations You should take a stone shower kill the infestation I know you tried love but the humans won’t take it Said they could run free but they built their own cages They’re turning all against you they’re nothing to play with Just parasites now they got their own space stations They're looking at the rest of us all of us shaking Like a terminal disease in need of vaccination Procrastination is exasperating when you're lacerated For your healing nature they demonize your medicine they need to wake up Head buried in the dark but they’re searching for saviours Poisoning your water eliminate acres Wiping out themselves and they call it a nation Humans are fearful and starving in hatred They trample on your body and they’re living as atheists Scared of the soul that they are like Satan Digging up your body and they use it to trade with Fracking extracting your blood like patients Take the same life you gave them back because it’s wasted Your greatness, Used to be celebrated they knew how to behave they call them ancients Who taught them to learn from you educated Now the ones who speak for you are decapitated They heard your cries and we sent them spaceships We sent them signs now it’s God they play with They blur the lines of what you orchestrated We’re all frustrated and they’re thoughts are dangerous
Mr Shine 02:41
VERSE 1 I’m here minding my biz But they’re sounding like side kicks I’m blowing up now and coming like I’m psychic, I’ve already heard them trying to copy my spit the day I’m lining my pockets the day they open eyelids watch it, picture the finish line thick bitches and picket signs Him trying to diminish mine keep digging and slip inside Stick the tip in girls lips big hips that’s a trippy ride Big hits some executive shit spit it and testify I’m here speeding on the track I should be breathalysed I’m Mic specialised your gonna get the best mine Stand the test of time shine leave the rest to die Why because I’m Icefire standing like a prized fighter Brawling like white tigers to fuck you like vaginas You old timers forgetting I’m here like Alzheimers It’s clear I’m technically the best in here Like King Kong beating on my chest they’re scared I’m stone cold stunning the world I’m the next to fear The aims to raise more cream with my next affair Boot off the front door nobody's impressive here Watch your left right and front and baby check the rear VERSE 2 I’m like Liam Neeson looking on the streets for blacks to crack skulls coz they raped the game I can feel it that’s my role I’ll repeat it and I get heated can’t remain seated catch a beating boy they won’t see it, chatting shit then I won’t eat it don’t bother competing less I forfeit like Usain Bolt in his last race in Jamaica I gave it you can’t steal it, I saw em coming grabbing their hands like palm readers, I’ll set your body a light throw em in dark ethers coz me and yous not alike like Eminem beat it, people scared to run a track with me like demons they, see my face scheming plotting their demise creasing rolling on the floor till the morn man in all seasons, I’m hugely spitting the truth you got gall speaking Anthony Joshua with punch lines meat cleavers I see em stunting with the shades and their chains divas play all night on their Instagram all weekend CHORUS Mr Shine Mr Shine Come on Phoenix (Repeat X 4)
VERSE 1 Girl I’ll leave you in a wheelchair like professor x I respect you never seen as the lesser sex In love with scent drive me crazy and I accept All of you down to your toes you ask what’s next Your clothes we’ll do away with that Coz the way you act make me wanna put my face in your cat The bed that you got is like a stage to me I’m like MJ and tyrese mixed together now what you saying to me I’ll deal with your business witness the fitness Like roots manuva fiery come kiss this Tongue twisting eyes rolling back as I’m hitting it Came 50 times that night till your delirious Bed soaked all in throat tears of joy till I can’t cope Tie me ropes I’m on your hit list You want me all to yourself your up to mischief Switched off your phone for days couldn’t resist it You could be the wifey now or be the mistress VERSE 2 Girl I wanna put it in your mouth like akineli I’m a freak let me show you I was born ready All in your in belly like those porn stars on telly 4 stars you had me on the 5th this could get messy I’m supposed to get you wet four poster bed I’ll get you travelling shaking like your close to death I’ll have you screaming down the place till they call the Feds Next door wishing they was you with the way flex Saturday night foreplay until we can’t act right Even on the phone you keep you keep your legs tight Bite your lips your craving my dick The last time we went at it had your body in fits all night 69 like tekashi we could do it on a car seat Opportunity won’t let it pass me Late sipping under stars on a palm beach Baby can’t sleep tonight I’ll pull you in deep CHORUS You can spend your money all night but this love your gonna get it for free Give me something that I cant afford I want more baby give it to me


Nominated for "Best Independent Album" at the UK A.I.M. Awards 2020, "Panacea" by London rapper & producer duo Phoenix da Icefire and Husky Brown is one of the most creative and relevant albums for these turbulent times while setting a new standard and fresh perspective for rap music in the process.

Breaking from formulaic convention, the concept is both as abstract as it is grounded in reality, an invitation to join them on a kaleidoscopic journey through the modern human experience.

Formerly of the Midlands, producer and ex street artist Husky may have swapped disciplines but still conjures up vivid imagery through epic and diverse soundscapes. Fusing the sounds of the UK’s inner city through the decades, the potent cocktail of hip hop, electronica, dub, reggae, soul and r&b is reminiscent of FSOL in their prime fuelled with shades of Goldie, Vibronics and Massive Attack.

Further ingredients provide a concoction with hints of Schifrin, Pete Rock and Sly culminating in a dynamic and impressively coherent backdrop for Phoenix da Icefire to depict his visions of reconciling the chaos.

As a member of the highly rated Triple Darkness crew, his reputation as one of the most gifted lyricists from the UK hip hop scene grew exponentially both at home and abroad. With a number of solo albums, mixtapes and work with luminaries including Cormega under his belt, his supporting role for New York’s The Doppelgangaz at the Camden Assembly in 2019 spawned the new partnership with Husky in attendance.

Describing the new album as “the most truthful piece of music I’ve done to date”, Phoenix sets his existential sights on the pressing issues currently facing corners of society and the global community at large. Addressed in isolation, they are woven together in a tapestry portraying symptoms of parallel origins while offering a panacea for the causal nexus.

Mirroring Husky’s eclectic productions, Phoenix switches attention effortlessly to tackle recurring themes of the environment, mental health, racism, disengagement, eudaimonia and interdependence.

Amidst the frenzy of electronica, “The Humans are Coming” pens a letter of contrition to the mythological Gaia for the damage done to her realm, while the Caribbean flavours of “Judgement Day” provides the heart beat behind the bars shining a light on the Windrush scandal. “Sins of Gaia” continues the theme, the inner conflict between rage and calm dignity in the face of authoritative prejudice and intolerance.

Electing higher paths while surrounded by maelstroms resonates through the hip hop of “Dark Rainbow Light” the soulful “Don’t Doubt Yourself” and the vibrancy of “Life is Magic”, but in the case of Phoenix, this is more than just lip service. His “Sovereign Comics” series which combine positive and educational storylines with inspirational characters has led to partnerships with local schools, while his writing and creative industry workshops encourage social change by providing opportunities for those too often neglected.

The symbiosis with Husky is further apparent given his own artwork donations to children’s charities and the “Schools for Schools” initiative.

For their groundbreaking debut joint release, the pair have hard wired into society’s mainframe. The empathy for mental health issues displayed in the poignantly infectious “Travelling Buddy” is still underpinned by the album’s narrative of hope, alternatively characterized through the slick r&b floor filler “Seasons of You”. The dexterity of wordplay, metaphors and rhyme schemes are present throughout, epitomized by the neck breaking hip hop of “Mr Shine” and “Cosmic Soul”. The ancient and futuristic symbolism gives Phoenix the latitude to drill down to the core of an existence many will recognize amplified by Husky’s cross cultural soundtrack.

An extraordinary and multidimensional album, but at its heart the essence of hip hop....rhymes, beats and life.


released August 31, 2020

Produced by Husky Brown
Lyrics written & performed by Phoenix da Icefire

Additional performances by

Natalie May on "Seasons of You"
Reece Jackson on "Don't Doubt Yourself"
Chantelle Small on "Travelling Buddy"

Copyright 2020 New Dawn Records. All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Phoenix da Icefire London, UK

London rapper, presenter on The Floor and owner of Sovereign Comics working with local and national community projects to promote social change and provide greater opportunities for those from minority and deprived backgrounds.

Solo artist and member of the group Triple Darkness.

Nominated in the category "Best Independent Album" at the AIM Awards 2020 for 'Panacea'.

Creativity is everything
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